Activites of RC CFF
Croatian Flora Fauna Award
Owned by Radio Club Croatian Flora Fauna
National Parks of Croatia Award
Managed by Radio Club Croatian Flora Fauna

9AFF Protected Areas.

List of 9AFF references with last activities and respective number of QSO's.
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ReferenceNameDescriptionIOTAWaterLast activityQSO(s)
9AFF-0001 Brijuni National parkEU-110Yes21.05.20177.594
9AFF-0002 Kornati National parkEU-170Yes15.07.20162.644
9AFF-0003 Krka National park Yes27.07.20173.209
9AFF-0004 Mljet National parkEU-016Yes28.09.20172.402
9AFF-0005 Paklenica National park  15.10.20171.804
9AFF-0006 Plitvička jezera National park Yes30.10.20172.686
9AFF-0007 Risnjak National park  15.07.20171.987
9AFF-0008 Sjeverni Velebit National park  06.08.20171.894
9AFF-0009 Biokovo Nature park  20.01.20183.543
9AFF-0010 Kopački rit Nature park Yes05.01.20182.364
9AFF-0011 Lastovsko otočje Nature parkEU-016Yes07.08.201617.376
9AFF-0012 Lonjsko polje Nature park Yes23.09.20174.193
9AFF-0013 Medvednica Nature park  26.12.20175.594
9AFF-0014 Papuk Nature park + Geopark  13.10.20179.800
9AFF-0015 Žumberak-samoborsko gorje Nature park  18.01.20185.606
9AFF-0016 Telaščica Nature parkEU-170Yes21.09.20176.145
9AFF-0017 Učka Nature park  19.10.20173.911
9AFF-0018 Velebit Nature park  17.10.20173.645
9AFF-0019 Vransko jezero Nature park Yes08.07.20174.447
9AFF-0020 Hajdučki & Rožanski kukovi Strict nature reserve  01.09.2015646
9AFF-0021 Bijele & Samarske stijene Strict nature reserve  26.08.2017818
9AFF-0022 Prvić Special botanical reserveEU-136Yes26.08.20161.209
9AFF-0023 Lun Special botanical reserveEU-170 06.11.20173.177
9AFF-0024 Mrkan Special ornithological reserveEU-016Yes24.09.2017416
9AFF-0025 Bobara Special ornithological reserveEU-016Yes24.09.2017405